The chairman of the group visited Tianxi Holdings Kindergarten to guide the work

Time:2020-08-01 09:19:54
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On July 25th, Mr. Lu Tianxi, Chairman of Tianxi Holding Group, came to Tianxi Holding Kindergarten and gave a meeting and sharing report to all kindergarten teachers. Chairman Lu offered three hopes to everyone:1. Clear goals: Now everyone is proud of Tianxi Holdings Kindergarten. Three years later, the chairman hopes that Tianxi Holdings Kindergarten will be proud of everyone. I hope that in three years, Tianxi Holdings Kindergarten will have first-class teachers and become a first-class school.2. Establish a concept: suffering is a blessing, and suffering is a blessing.3. Learn to tolerate: tolerate others and tolerate yourself.


See how earnest and happy everyone listens!
After the report meeting, Chairman Lu led all the faculty and staff of the kindergarten into Zhejiang Tianxi Kitchen Appliance Co., Ltd. to appreciatethe company's corporate culture, listen to the chairman's teachings, and look forward to the bright future of the kindergarten!
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